Sunday, July 05, 2009

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Got to Believe in Magic

My Videoke

How much is your phone bill? Mine was around $40 a month. But that was months ago, now I pay $20 a year. Yes, that's $20 per year, I just need to repeat that. And this is unlimited calling. I can call anybody from the US and Canada - free and unlimited. Check it out below:

Can I use this call to from another country to the US and Canada? YES! It's not easy to be away from home. The good thing there is the Internet. You can chat with your relatives and friends, send emails, invite them to your blog, etc. Or call them through your home/cell phone. If you've been calling your friends/relatives from the US, you'd know how high the cost of calling long distance.

So what I did to save money? I got myself MagicJack and sent it to my family in the Philippines. They set it up to an Internet ready computer and a few minutes later, they are able to call me in the US. And that's unlimited call. They can call anybody in the US and Canada, and I can call them from my US home phone for free. My area code here is 717, so they (in the Philippines) installed Magic Jack with a phone number using the same area code. It's pretty simple. I have no problems with their service and the sound is very clear. How much is it then, you may ask? It's just $40 plus tax for the first year and the next year you will have to pay for $20. Yes, it's $20 every year.

Now, the good thing is Magic Jack is offering a 100% Risk-Free 30-Day Trial! It's your chance to try it now:

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