Monday, January 19, 2009

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One Last Pizza

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This morning, I was hesitant to drive to work (it's almost 50 miles away from my house) since according to the weather forecast it's going to snow. But it's been like that since 2 weeks ago, they tell you it's going to snow but it never happened anyway. So this morning, I thought this is one of the misses so I decided to drive to the office. Four hours later, snow was everywhere. I believe we got at most 3 inches of snow but it is enough to affect the traffic. So I left work at 4:00PM, spent a good 10 minutes cleaning up the car, and was ready to hit the road. At 4:20PM I was at Rt 202 South and realized I was in for a long drive. Just 3 inches of snow, and the usual 55-minute drive became 2 and a half hours of slow driving. The good thing was I got home safely and after cleaning up the driveway from the snow, we headed to Infinito's for a pizza buffet with my family and friends. Although I was trying to lose weight, the buffalo chicken pizza was hard to resist, so this is for the last one pizza:

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