Friday, May 29, 2009

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Twitter and Craigslist -

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   I like using Twitter and Craigslist, though I didn't buy an item yet from Craigslist but I like both websites' simplicity and their features.  Craigslist offers RSS feeds which users can use to get new item updates, so I was thinking of creating a service that allows Twitter users to be get updated once a new Craigslist RSS feed is available.  
   So I created TwitList, which is exactly what I need to use Twitter and Craigslist.  So how it works then?  It's simple.  Log in to TwiList using your Twitter account through Twitter's OAuth.  After logging in, you may add a feed:  give it a name and then get the Craigslist RSS feed URL you want to have updates.  That's it!  Once that Craigslist RSS feed is updated, TwitList will send that update to your account.

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